is what I can only imagine Vince McMahon’s reaction was when he found out Finn Balor was Injured

At Summerslam 2016, Balor made Paint salesman everywhere extremely disappointed when he was injured off of a dodgy Seth Rollins Buckle Bomb.

Since he’s been gone the walking endorsement of the ‘size doesn’t matter campaign’ Kevin Owens has taken the belt, putting on brilliant matches with Seth Rollins and most recently Roman Reigns (However, He’s been out-booked by a List, a Key, a scarf and the mysterious ‘Sparklecrotch’)

This means that with Balor Recovering and probably returning in the early months of 2017, What the hell are they going to do with him?

Option 1 – More of the Same

Balor returns, Wins Number 1 contenders match, straight into Main event scene again. I don’t like this idea. For a start, it shows no significance to the Injury and no substance for his recovery story (like the Network Show Rollins was given toward the end of his Injury). It would be bland and repetitive causing Balor and his return to painfully underwhelm audiences. Remember when Cesaro Returned after WM32? He didn’t win the 4 way match but the moment of his surprise return was exceptional, and his feud and STORY with the Miz afterwards was even better. Even the Rollins Return, Great moment at Extreme Rules, but by the time of MITB it felt Rollins’ Injury was Insignificant, and his win not as big as it should have been. If Balor was to return to the top immediately it would be taking away the STORY which the fans Crave and need to make Balor a real Top Talent.

Option 2 – A Super Shocking Heel turn

This is Far Fetched but stay with me. If Balor was to come back and Attack the now Corny Face Seth Rollins on the basis he injured him, It would be Totally Justifiable and reasonable. If you ever got hurt and needed operations, You’d certainly be annoyed at the person who did it. In Kayfabe, That attacker is Seth Rollins. Balor could run his Heel turn off the fact that Rollins cost him X months of his career and going over Seth one more time would give him the Momentum to go back into the Main event.

Another option for this would be the Formation of Balor Club, and the Bullet Club Alums Savagely Beating Seth Rollins up would be the perfect foundation to Launch. Hell, Take Gallows and Blanderson off TV now so they all get that Return Moment, whenever it may come.

Option 3 – The US Title

For me, This is Perfect. The US title isn’t really being valued right now, and Reigns isn’t really doing well with it. This isn’t really his fault as he is booked into the World title scene, creating a strange Dynamic where the US title isn’t being defended on a show that Needs a mid-card title to let the Mid-Carders stand out. Balor Returning and going into a feud with a Heel Roman Reigns, who can cost him a world title NO.1 Contenders match.(LET ME DREAM), would not only elevate the title, but let Roman go and do what he wants with the World Title/Main Event, elevate Balor and add an aura of Legitimacy to his return, but it would also allow him to put on Great Matches with the likes of Sami Zayn (I WANT THAT), Chris Jehrico (Scarf vs Paint anyone?), Samoa Joe (After WM) and Mr Eccentric Violin seizure man Shinsuke Nakamura (Let them go Japan on this match).

After losing the belt, he would have perfect Momentum to then go on to the Main event Scene to have ‘that’ match with Kevin Owens.

Option 4ish – The Rumble.

Yes. It would be shocking. Yes. It would be a Moment. Yes. It might give it some substance. But if he does return at the Rumble I don’t think Winning it would be the right thing for him.

Overall, Balor’s return has to be special and make it feel like his debut again, and a great following feud and run with the Mid-Card title would build him up enough to go onto the main event.